Bachelor in Sustainable Tropical Forestry

Bachelor in Sustainable Tropical Forestry

Students who score less than 70% in the second year graduate with a Diploma in Sustainable Tropical Forestry after their third year of study as an exit plan.

Grade 12 Higher School Certificate (or equivalent) grade of ‘B’ or better in Language & Literature; Maths A (or Maths B); at least two of the three Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics); and one other subject. GPA is 3.0 or higher.


Forestry graduates have an important task to protect Papua New Guinea’s estimated 33.6 million hectares of forested land which contain more than 5% of the world’s known biodiversity. They can become environmentalists, scientists, foresters, lecturers/teachers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Course Modules:


  • SFS 111 Introduction to Forestry
  • STA 112 Applied Biology – Forest Botany
  • STA 113 Applied Chemistry- Natural Resources
  • Management & Conservation
  • STA 114 Communication SkillsSEMESTER TWO
  • SFS 121 Forest Ecology
  • SFS 122 Civics & Ethics
  • STA 121 Applied Physics- Sustainable Land use
  • STA 122 Applied Mathematics


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