Dear Student,

Welcome to the Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment, Vudal Campus.

Congratulations for being accepted to enroll here at the Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment in the year 2023.

We hope your stay and study here will be peaceful and successful throughout the year.

The University’s Rules and Regulations are to be followed. Failure to comply to the rules and regulations of this University might lead to you being terminated from this University.

This information guide contains instructions on where to go and what to do to complete your registration. As mentioned on the 2023 UNRE Registration Procedures, registration will be done ONLINE.


1. Before arriving on campus, you would have received your invoices via email.

2. Your INVOICE indicates your Financial and Registration Statuses. The Financial information shows the total bill, your total paid fees and the current balance. If your Financial status meets notes 1 & 2 of the 2023 School Fee Schedule, your registration status will indicate as “Proceed” and the system will automatically enroll you for the 2023 Academic Year. If you have not met notes 1 & 2, your registration status will indicate as “Pending”, awaiting further payment of fees or update of any of your latest bank deposits in the system.

3. You will be sent your updated invoice in the next update of your current payment or additional fees. So please keep checking your emails. If you are having issues accessing your student email, please contact

4. You must present this invoice (either hard copy or electronic), and a form of ID at all registration stations at UNRE as proof that you have paid all required University fees for enrollment. For the new intakes, you must also present your Offer letter and Grade 12 Certificate.


5. All students must go to the University Campus Gate (Guard House) to undergo Covid-19 Government Protocols.

6. Provided that your Registration Status states “Proceed”, you can begin your formal registration.

7. ALL female students (new and continuing) including new intakes male students are to proceed to the Clinic for medical check.

8. Continuing male students and all those medically cleared may continue with registration and go to the Public Relations Office for your Student ID Card to be processed.

9. You may then proceed to the Guard House to collect your room key from Student Support Services.


1. Student Administration HELP DESK will be at the Guard House if you would like consultation regarding your registration.

2. See the Accounts Officers if you have any queries regarding your payments or funds. Your receipts may be emailed to or brought to the Accounts Officers.

3. If you have any queries regarding your UNRE email accounts and passwords you may email or visit the ICT Department.

4. If you have any queries regarding the subjects (modules) you are registering for please visit your School to see the Academic Staff.

5. Registration forms will be available from the 13th to the 17th February at your School.

Download a pdf copy of the Student Registration Information Guide here