Library Services

The University Library consists of the Main Library located at Vudal Campus and other Campus library at PNG UNRE Popondetta Campus. Our Libraries pursue goals of excellence in different activities through services, collections, and inter-library cooperation which ensure access to information and knowledge. It strives to provide excellent assistance in finding and evaluating resources for students, staff and university community at large.

The Vudal Campus Library currently holds physical resources such as text books, journals and publications for all the schools at the university. The library has enough space to accommodate up to 160 users at any one time. The environment is fully air-conditioned and conducive to study. The Library also have well established rules and operational procedures to make sure that the library operates smoothly

The Popondetta Campus Library holds all physical resources for the Popondetta Campus, and operates at full capacity. Manpower and resources are coordinated and managed by the Campus Librarian in consultation with the University Librarian on key aspects of administration in human resources and funding.

The Library is comprised of the PNG Collection, Periodicals (Journals), the Reader Services, and Technical Services (Cataloguing & Acquisitions). Library’s information resources comprises of textbooks, reference books and periodical publications in all major disciplines and its catalogued holdings is accessible via OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). Catalogued data comprises of all resources held at the Vudal Campus Library and the Popondetta Campus Library.

To supplement the library’s hard copy collection, our digital platform gives our users access to well over 4 million unique and current resources in various formats – full text, citations, serials and journals, as well as eBooks – electronic books which can be borrowed and read offline for a specified time period.

Other value-added services includes an android and IOS (Apple) APP to access our Library Catalogue from any handheld device, borrower alerts and requests through email, as well as online and external access to Current and Past Lecture notes which the library currently hosts on its eLibrary platform. Our users are able to access these material anywhere in the world using their user login credentials provided by the university’s ICT department.


Our Digital Platform together with our Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is currently accessible via the Internet through our OPAC page