Papua New Guinea is a nation that is immensely rich in biological and cultural diversity. This wealth of natural resources is the bed-rock upon which Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment is founded. We are the only national university in the country that is dedicated solely to human resource development in the sustainable utilization of our natural renewable resources and management of our environment. You are an important part of our mission. A choice for PNG UNRE is a choice for Papua New Guinea, for this generation and future generations.


Advancing Knowledge for Sustainable Development


Commit to sustainable development of Papua New Guinea and the region by creating knowledge through quality teaching and learning, ininnovative research and outreach.The university also commits to developing innovative staff, students and alumni as agents for positive change.


We are an ambitious organisation and boast of being the leading provider of tertiary level education in the natural resources sector within PNG. Our focus on the natural environment (agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism) means that our research and teaching base has a unique opportunity to explore the most hyperdiverse plant and animal communities on Earth. This rich resource is the envy of natural scientists in every other nation. We’recommitted to helping our students develop skills as competent scientists so that they graduate with a degree they can be proud of. All our courses combine a foundation in basic sciences with applied agricultural, forestry, fisheries sciences, management and business skills, practical work including farm practice and industry experience. A central theme through all of this is job creation. At UNRE we equip all our students with skills to create employment rather than be employees. They are introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship through the Entrepreneurship module, which explores entrepreneurial behaviour, successful initiatives and entrepreneurship frameworks. This not only improves livelihoods and families but also contributes to the national economy.


PNG UNRE has developed from the Vudal Agricultural College, which was first established in 1965 as a male only college, with the first female students admitted ten years later. The college became the University of Vudal in 1997. The name was changed to PNG-UNRE in 2009 to signal the start of the process to become a multidiscipline University. The University currently offers undergraduate courses with a Diploma, Higher Diploma, Degree, and Honours Degree in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture, Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Resources, Sustainable Tropical Forestry, Sustainable Livestock Production and Sustainable International Tourism. The University also offers a Graduate Certificate and Master’s Degree in Management Studies.

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Self-motivated and have the ability to work independently, solving the problems that the government and industries of PNG have

Trained to lead. They have the research skills required to generate and analyse the information that is required to help our region
sustainably use its natural resources.

Effective communicators who can help guide our local communities to a better, more productive and sustainable future. They have
the entrepreneurial skills to help build our nations key industries.


PNG-UNRE is located in East New Britain Province, the home of Papua New Guinea’s well known active volcano, Mt Tavuvur. It is 36km out of Kokopo, set in lush tropical surroundings. This makes it ideal for the University’s natural resources and environment focus.

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