Bachelor in Environment and Climate Change

Bachelor in Environment and Climate Change

The Bachelor in Environment and Climate Change (BECC) program will provide students with the fundamentals of climate change science, including the astrophysical, atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial processes that drive natural climatic variability and anthropogenic climate change. The program will also encourage student learning on the current and likely future impacts of global warming on ecosystems and human activities are considered, including biodiversity, system buffering and resilience, and regional inequality and vulnerability.


Courses will also explore communication, denialism, ethics, and the roles of academia and scientific research. Finally, the Bachelor program in Environment and Climate Change, will provides the students with the essential programs in the Climate Physical Science, Impacts & Adaptation, Mitigation Approaches to Climate Change, as well as Fundamentals and Risk, Business Communication, Ecological Economics, Sustainability and Critical Perspectives of Natural resource Management.


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