Student protests banned at PNG UNRE

PNG UNRE has banned any student protests on campus as there are legal consequences of this.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Aisak Pue issued a strong warning to students in a recent campus-wide memorandum. 

The VC stated that student complaints must be properly lodged with the department or section of the University concerned in consultation with Students Support Services for the proper redress process. 

“Consult the University guidelines or rules, regulations and policies on the steps to take for the different consultation procedures,” Professor Pue said.

He said the Student Representative Council must have regular meetings with the general student body to properly educate the student population on issues of concern before taking them (issues) to the Management of schools or the University.

The memo stated that a restraining order is in place on protests due to the breach on the SRC’s own constitution in 2021. 

Persons instigating protests will be arrested immediately. If you have a grievance, please follow all due processes and procedures above. 

“Don’t take shortcuts as it disturbs the flow of operation,” the VC said.

These are steps he mentioned that students should follow to address their grievances:

• For queries on assessments, consult first the Course leader who will advise on the student’s performance and advice the student to submit a grievance form. The form must be attached to any letter relating to the issue.
• For financial matters, enquire at the Bursary through a letter addressed to the Bursary.
• For scholarship matters, write to or enquire at the Student Administration Office.
• For student welfare matters, including disciplinary matters, see Student Support Services for advice.
• For all medical and clinical queries see Clinic personnel.
In the memo, Professor Pue also reminded students and staff including visitors and staff dependents of the University’s Zero Tolerance stance on:
• Alcohol consumption and drunkenness on campus;
• Fighting and violence against women and children;
• Possession of weapons or tools; and
• Drugs and other illicit materials including Pornographic materials.

The VC also issued instructions that all staff and students must wear Identification Cards on campus at all times. Persons not wearing ID cards will be stopped by security for identification and explanation. 

He said all day visitors must report to the security main gate before conducting business on campus.

Betelnut chewing is also banned from the administration, the academic area including classrooms and the lecture halls, the office, the dormitory and mess areas. Unregistered students are banned from accessing all university services. This includes residing with friends in the dormitory or accessing meals at the mess.

Students, staff and dependents must be well attired on campus. Cut trousers, rice handbags, bushy beards and Rastafarian hairdos are banned on campus.

A Covid-19 check is mandatory at the main gate for all incoming people. 

Campus security as well as a private security firm that the University has engaged will ensure rules are being followed.

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