PNGUNRE Teaching Staff Profile

Department of Agriculture

Peter Navus
Head of Department, Lecturer, 
Charles Maika
Lecturer, Animal Sciences/Livestock Production
Freddy Gena
Lecturer, Animal Breeding 
Nelson Pue, PhD
Lecturer, Biology/Microbiology & Year1 Coordinator
Betty Kenny
Lecturer, Biotechnology & Year4 Coordinator 
Stephanie Tringin 
Lecturer, Communications 
Peter Nguna
Lecturer, Food Technology
Joachim Pitala
Lecturer, Crop Sciences&Land Use
Adolph Wellip
Lecturer, Management 
Naomi Mwayawa
Lecturer, Management
Robert Bola
Lecturer, Rural Technology & Mechanisation
Thomas Suri Taisa
Lecturer, Rural Development&Industry Project Coordinator 
James Aipa
Lecturer, Soil Science & Year2 Coordinator  
Aisak Pue, PhD
Pro Vice Chancellor & Lecturer, Post Harvest Technology 
  Russell Deka Harada
ICT in Natural Resource Module Leader
Kathleen Patak
Technical Instructer, Animal Nutrition/Ruminants
  Inia Bunsa
Technical Instructer
Limai Lan
Technical Officer, Animal Genetics